Audley Wealth is positioned as a genuinely fresh, no nonsense approach to financial planning, pension planning, retirement planning and asset management.

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Wealth Management & Investment Advice

Audley have a wealth of experience advising on client portfolios. Clients benefit from our knowledge of investments, allowing them to make the most of their money.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer an investment proposition specific to your own goals and objectives.

To assist in ensuring our clients’ attitude to investment risk is properly quantified, we use a psychometric risk profiler to form the basis of the subsequent discussion as to how funds should be invested. We also explain what clients can expect over the short and long term from different asset allocations.

We all remember our first piggy bank, small change jar, our first savings account, the new bike, our first car, our annual holiday, our first home. We probably all had to dip into our hard-earned savings for the unexpected, our ‘rainy day’ fund. From as far back as we can each remember, saving money is a condition of our very development- it makes perfect sense that we ensure our finances support us as our lives develop and change.

Make the most of your money

Money for a rainy day

We all like the security of having cash available to fall back on in an emergency (boiler breaks down, sudden illness, unemployment), which is why we suggest that clients retain an amount readily accessible on deposit equivalent to 3-6 months net income as a minimum.

 Some clients prefer a higher level of cash, maybe because they are more risk averse or they have it earmarked for a future purchase. For those clients we offer advice on cash management services where by the money is spread amongst a number of bank accounts and National Savings in order to maximise the return, taking in to consideration requirements such as access, security and any ethical concerns

Medium to long-term investing

We believe in the value of a sound strategy and a disciplined approach to investing. That’s why we use a rigorous investment process to create tailored solutions that help grow, manage and preserve your wealth. We have a thorough discovery process to fully understand your objectives, wealth, experience and attitude to investment risk. We will analyse your financial situation, then discuss and recommend an investment strategy to help you achieve those goals in the appropriate timescales.

The understanding we gain in the first stage drives the asset allocation of your investments – that is choosing the type of assets and how they are spread geographically across the world. This diversification is the key step in reducing and aligning investment risk with your own risk profile.

We then select individual assets based on comprehensive research of the market and the different investments available. We may choose active or passive management, or a combination of both types of investments, depending on your needs.

Once you’re invested, we provide regular reviews. As part of the reviews we will consider risk, asset allocation, individual asset selection, performance, and other aspects of your finances that might have an impact or cause us to recommend changes.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have between reviews.

Long-term investing

Pension Services

When thinking long term, typically we are considering retirement either during the accumulation or the deaccumulation phase.
Tax planning

One of the overriding considerations is to minimise the tax you pay on your investments. You have worked hard for your money and you want it to work hard for you, not to pay any unnecessary  tax.

We advise on a range of tax-beneficial investments. ISAs, pensions, Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs) continue to form a vital part of our clients’ tax and investment planning strategies.

We have the expertise and resources to help identify how these investments can assist clients and research which options will best suit their needs. However, we also know that the main reason for investing shouldn’t be the tax benefit – the investment also has to be suitable for you.

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