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Making savings for your children work

Many parents are keen to give their children a flying start financially by putting aside money throughout their childhood. Mums have been shown to be more likely to take the lead in this area, with most savings being held in cash products, such as cash Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISAs) or premium bonds. Mum’s the […]

Time to consider external factors

The Autumn Budget may have left a sense that nothing much had changed in the realm of personal financial planning, as no major changes to Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Income Tax or pensions were announced. Despite this, a prime consideration needs to be how external factors, such as frozen rates and higher inflation, could […]

Building financial resilience in 2022

The new year is the perfect time to reassess how your finances are faring and take advantage of any opportunities that may lie ahead. Household budgets are likely to be stretched in 2022, with rising inflation and tax increases already on the table. It makes sense to quantify your assets and position them appropriately to […]

Markets (Data compiled by TOMD)

Major global indices closed in December in positive territory. Despite escalating virus cases, stocks were supported by hopes that the Omicron variant is milder, potentially limiting fiscal impact as vaccines have allowed many economies to remain open. In the UK, the FTSE 100 ended the year up 14.3%, registering its best annual gain for five […]

A lifetime of investing

As we move through life, our plans and goals will inevitably change. This also goes for our investment strategies, which need to flex and adapt as we move through the decades. Your twenties and thirties The financial decisions we make in early adulthood set the foundations for the rest of our lives. At this stage, […]

New Investment Habits Set to Outlast Lockdown

In the past 18 months, many Britons have saved more money than usual as the closure of the economy reduced spending. Many canny investors have been channelling their savings into increased investment contributions. New research1 suggests that the majority of UK investors (76%) intend to keep up higher levels of contributions, with half saying they […]

‘Cash is king’ mentality could prove costly

For many years, savers have seen cash as a safe, reliable option when building up a nest egg for the future. However, inflation has the potential to seriously reduce the value of cash savings over the years. Whilst a modest level of price inflation is considered a marker of a healthy economy, high inflation rates […]

Grandparents Increased Generosity During the Pandemic.

Most grandparents are familiar with the financial challenges faced by their grandchildren as they progress through education and into the world of full-time work. Costs such as university tuition fees can leave upcoming generations with substantial debts even before they enter the workplace, making it harder for them to save for a deposit on their […]

Investment industry commits to climate change battle

As November approaches, anticipation mounts for the United Nations 26th annual climate change summit (COP26), which is being touted as the most important climate change event since the 2015 Paris Agreement.  With the event to be held in Glasgow, the UK will be in the spotlight as world leaders unite to continue the work left […]

Young Investors and Social Media

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is concerned about how much influence social media could be having on younger investors, who could unknowingly be taking on significant financial risks. According to the FCA, this younger, more diverse group of investors is highly reliant on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for investment tips […]